Our ‘Renascence’ brand products

The word RENASCENCE in silver is superimposed on the word RENASCENCE in gold, reversed upwards and downwards and to the left and right.

The silver letters at the front represents the product in the material sense that we are creating in this project, and the silver colour represents the sharpened refinement, sharpness, the inner fulfilment and pride.

On the other hand, the inverted gold letters represent the materials used in Scuderia Ferrari's racing cars, which are used in this art product.

The shine of gold, which is said to heal the human heart and represents vitality and renewal, is also used to express the brand's core concept of recovery and revival.

The overlapping of the two coloured letters conveys the brand's values of turning discarded materials from Scuderia Ferrari into stylish art products.

The "S" has been deliberately adjusted to look like an infinity symbol.

This symbolizes that this art product has infinite value and that the cycle of using the materials will continue indefinitely.